VirtualBox | Free Up Disk Space on Debian Guest

Do you know the feeling when a pop up comes up and reminds you to clean up your hard disk? Today, it happened to me and I checked the disk manager. I saw that my virtual machines use a lot of space. So I decided to clean them up and I want to show you […]

Shared clipboard doesn’t work between Host and Guest in VM VirtualBox

Today, a popup occurs as I opened the VirtualBox. A new version of VirtualBox is available. Of course, I clicked on the update button and waited until the update is done. Then I started my machine and wanted to copy a text from my guest and paste it into the text editor of my host. […]

Oracle VM VirtualBox – How to auto resize display

If you’re running a virtual machine, you may wonder why the screen of the guest VM is not auto resizing by changing the size of the window. The first step is to update and upgrade the OS. Now, install the guest additions. You find it in the menu bar in the Oracle VM. Go to […]

How to connect guest VM and host in Oracle VM Virtual Box

I work with the Oracle VM VirtualBox to switch quickly development projects. Most of them are e-commerce projects and run on a Linux OS. One time I got a ticket to fix an issue with the Internet Explorer. To reproduce the issue I need to connect guest VM with my Windows host. There are several […]