How to Upgrade Debian Bullseye to Bookworm

Debian released the new stable version 12 in June 2023. The codename this time is Bookworm, and this is the little green worm from Toy Story. If you run version 11 of Debian, you will have support roughly until June 2026. Those who don’t want to wait can follow this tutorial for the upgrade. Prerequisites […]

CVE-2021-44228 Log4Shell Vulnerability in SAP Commerce Cloud on Premise

A lot of companies face the issue with the Log4Shell vulnerability at the moment. It is possible to exploit the log4j library Version Apache log4j <= 2.14.1 and run any (malicious) code from a remote machine. Unfortunately, there is still no official answer from SAP, therefore I want to share my knowledge on how to […]

VirtualBox | Free Up Disk Space on Debian Guest

Do you know the feeling when a pop up comes up and reminds you to clean up your hard disk? Today, it happened to me and I checked the disk manager. I saw that my virtual machines use a lot of space. So I decided to clean them up and I want to show you […]

Git Secret Tutorial

git-secret is a tool to encrypt files. It helps you to give another person access to this file and to remove the access again. So it helps to keep secrets confidential and share the secrets between authorized people. Without such a tool you would need to keep the secrets out of your version control system […]

Git | How to use the revert command

Today, I want to describe how to revert a commit in Git. The revert command is usually used to “take back” a commit. For example, if a commit does not fix a bug, you can revert the commit and create a new commit that fixes the issue properly. Let’s create a small example. I create […]

Git | Moving Repository from BitBucket to GitHub

Moving a repository from BitBucket to GitHub is usually not a hard challenge. I will give you a step by step instruction to achieve your goal. With this instruction, you can also move in vice versa or to the repository of your choice. But you have to change the repository host and your user to […]

Raspian | Upgrade from Stretch to Buster

I use my Raspberry PI 4 Model B for different kind of private projects. Today I want to upgrade it to the new Buster version. This is the first time I do it for the Raspberry, but not for a Debian distribution at all. See my article Upgrade Debian from Jessie to Stretch. Why should […]

Git | How to squash commits into one

In Git you have the possibility to squash commits. This is really useful to have a clean log-tree. If your process involves a code reviewer your commit isn’t split into several pieces of code snippets, because you need to do changes during the testing. To achieve the squash we will use the interactive rebase. The […]

Spring message tag | Argument Separator

Today, I worked on a Spring application. I had to change some small frontend things. One of them was to create a label containing a price. To follow the internationalization (I18N) concept I used the Spring message tag. The text I had to insert had some variables, which should be inserted during the runtime. I […]

How to install an SSH server on Debian

On Debian, it’s quite easy to install an SSH server to get access from remote machines. Before we want to install the SSH server we will update your apt repository cache with the following command: Now we can install the SSH server by installing the openssh-server package. As soon as the installation is completed, your […]

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