Raspian | Upgrade from Stretch to Buster

I use my Raspberry PI 4 Model B for different kind of private projects. Today I want to upgrade it to the new Buster version. This is the first time I do it for the Raspberry, but not for a Debian distribution at all. See my article Upgrade Debian from Jessie to Stretch. Why should […]

How to disable password based login in Linux

It’s quite easy to disable the password based login in the SSH. Before you proceed check if you have prepared the system to logon without password. You have a user other than root, who can enter the remote server. If not, take a look into my article How to disable root login Please check if […]

Disable root login

It’s a bad idea to login with your superuser. There are too many bots running and trying to hijack your server. You don’t need to make it easier for them to take over your server. Therefore you should disable the root login via SSH. The first step is to create a user and a password […]

Automated upgrades with Unattend Upgrades

The Unattended Upgrade package is helpful for upgrading your server automatically and keeping your computer secure. In this tutorial, I show you the necessary setup to do it. To check if the package is already installed you can run the following command: Either it is already installed or it will be installed. After this step, […]

How to kill a process by port number

Today, I wanted to run my Tomcat server, but for some reason, the old instance was still running. The terminal returns the following message: The message is quite clear, but how to kill the server. I will show you how you can achieve this for Unix and Windows. As first you need to figure out […]